This week Facebook announced new changes that will soon be coming to the News Feeds we scroll through every day. The new update is affecting Facebook’s Personalized News Feed algorithm, the mathematical formulas used to determine which posts receive the most visibility . Even though Facebook calls this change a “slight tweak” to the News Feed algorithm, it could greatly benefit the visibility of your practice

Facebook tests and continually improves the News Feed algorithm. Their goal is to highlight the most interesting stories at the top of a user’s News Feeds as well as displaying them in the best way possible. For personal profiles, Facebook has discovered that more simple, text-only status updates people see, the more they share. This led to an average of 9 million more status updates written each day for personal pages.

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 4.19.32 PMWhile text-based posts were favored amongst personal profiles, Business Pages had the opposite effect.  Facebook believes that Businesses  may see an increase in engagement and distribution of their posts when they are media- and link- based (posts that include pictures, videos and links to other news stories). At PBHS, we always stress that our dental clients implement media based content posts, as it provides a richer experience for the patient.  For example, pictures and videos of patients, events in the office, coupons, promotions, testimonials and simple, beautiful case studies.

Another New Facebook Suggestion: Use the link share tool when posting an article, rather than embedding a link in the text of the update (as seen above).


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