These days, the term “just Google it,” is frequently integrated into daily conversation. An everyday person can satisfy his or her curiosity with a few keywords in Google’s search engine. Google is not only a tool for web surfers, but also for businesses that can capitalize on the number of visitors the site generates. In 2012, Google totaled 28 billion dollars in advertising revenue. The fact that this number was a mere 439 million dollars in 2002 proves that an exponential amount of businesses are doing significant advertising through Google Adwords.

Pay Per Click 

On a given Google search, a user comes across two types of results: organic and advertisements, both relevant to the keywords. Businesses may be skeptical of putting advertisements on Google, thinking that most users simply ignore the ads. While this may be the case, the businesses only pay when their advertisements are clicked on, hence the “pay-per-click” description. A business will decide which searched keywords will make their advertisements appear on Google. For instance, a dental office that specializes in oral surgery may want their ad to appear when the words “wisdom teeth removal” are searched. The more relevant the keywords are to the businesses’ website, the higher the “quality score” is, therefore, the higher up it will appear on Google’s search engine.  There are many factors that determine a “quality score,” such as how user-friendly the advertised website is, and how successful the business has been in the past. Believe it or not, an ad with a higher quality score can eclipse an ad with a higher cost per click.launch-ads-example-LP

The Results 

Most businesses aren’t concerned with how it works, but if it works. According to Olin Business School, A biomedical and chemical supplier Gold Biotechnology Inc. in St. Louis did advertising through Google, and found successful, intriguing results. It was discovered that their customers


who originated through Google Ads bought more items, more often. It was also unveiled that those who clicked on the Gold Biotechnology Inc. ad were actually more likely to purchase products in person than online. Ultimately, the findings confirmed that when the company spent $10 or more per click, they were guaranteed to either break even or start profiting. In dentistry as well, the customers who appear through Google advertisements can be the most valuable. With pay-per-click advertising, dentists and oral surgeons continue to turn someone who “just Googled it” into a quality repeat patient.

Picking the Right Words

Google advertisements can be successful, but the key is strategy. It is important to know your target audience and what they are searching for on Google. If more people are likely to click on ads after searching for “local dentist,” then these are worthy keywords. The success of your campaign can be monitored by a “Click Through Rate” (CTR) and coversions (phone calls and email to your practice). The CTR compares how many people saw the ad to how many people clicked the ad. These are strategies that the Google Adwords Experts at PBHS assist their clients with. It’s time to turn a click into a crown. Give us a call at 800-840-5383 or visit



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