On August 9th, 2013, PBHS celebrated mid-summer with our annual team builder picnic! This event served as a valuable group experience and concluded with a speech by our president that brought focus to the company’s 2013 goals and aspirations. As part of the day, Erica, our event coordinator, incorporated competitive games with philanthropic affairs.  PBHS donated time at our favorite local food bank and supported businesses in the community while having a fantastic time doing so!

This year Erica created an Amazing Race competition! Just like the TV show, everybody was issued very official looking invitations that required them to team up and choose a color or pattern to represent their respective teams. We had groups in all types of colors and patterns from plaid to comic strip patterns with tutus! All teams put forth a great amount of effort to distinguish themselves from the competition.

To start the race, teams were handed their first set of clues. We had to choose between going to Crossfit Force, to experience a team Workout of the Day (aka WOD) , or travel to the local Redwood Empire Food Bank to bag pears. For those that did not read the hint at the bottom of each clue,the Redwood Empire Food Bank required you to bag for 30 minutes while the Crossfit Force workout, though challenging, could be completed in 15 minutes. After each team completed their challenge, we were handed our next set of clues.

Teams then had the choice of bowling a strike at Windsor Bowl or going to Powell’s Sweet Shoppe where we had to find a mysterious Buddha Candy somewhere in the store. Surprisingly, most teams felt they had a bowling ace onboard, as seven of our ten teams choose the Windsor Bowl. This was probably a wise choice as the Buddah ended up being on a small can of mints and rather difficult to locate. One team even bribed a group of kids with quarters and a bag of Doritos to help them find it!

For the third and final round, teams could chose to either travel to Ubeadquitous, where we had to quickly make a bracelet out of very tiny beads that would fit perfectly (without spaces) around one teammate’s wrist, or to a station set up in the Windsor Town Green where one teammate had to finish off three jars of baby food. The flavors, you ask? Applesauce, sweet carrots and peas! Most surprisingly chose the baby food challenge and unanimously said that the sweet carrots were not so “sweet”.

After each team completed the final round of challenges, we were handed our final clue which lead to the finish line at Riverfront Regional Park. Here, Erica was waiting to award our top three teams with medals!

To wrap up our day, Black Bean BBQ served an amazing meal of delicious chicken, ribs and brisket! Everyone filled up and relaxed in the breathtaking redwood grove while catching up with each other over a glass of wine. Around the tables, there was a general consensus that the amount of time, creativity and organization Erica put into this event was thoroughly impressive, and it was our most enjoyable team building activity to-date.

Finally, PBHS would like to extend a sincere “thank you” to all the local businesses that participated in this event with us and shared in the fun. We are already looking forward to next year!