Dr. Veisman, whose dental website was designed by PBHSJay Levine, Founder of PBHS, and I met in San Antonio at the AAP meeting in 1999. We hit it off and started working on my first website almost immediately. Although primitive by today’s standards, that first website set the bar for dental websites. We have heard countless compliments and positive comments about that website from inception.  Then, in 2006, I asked PBHS to update the website. Once again, it became the gold standard and we enjoyed great reviews. In fact, as a result of the high quality of that website combined with PBHS’s incredible SEO campaign, the website became my TOP referral.…

I was so happy with the work on my current website, www.torontoimplant.com, that I asked them to build a second website right away for my continuing education series, www.MiniResidency.com.

Screenshot of torontoimplant.com, dental website designed by PBHS

Since we started the SEM/PPC campaign and continued with our SEO work, our practice has seen a profound increase in traffic to the office just from the website. The reviews we hear today from patients range from “the best dental website we have ever seen” to “superior, highly informative and unique”. Most of all, patients who present to our office nowadays are incredibly well informed about various treatment modalities as result of the new website and are “sold” before they even show up. Remember that your website is your salesperson. The better the site, the better the sales.

Kudos to Sean, Molly, Jerilynn, and Heidi for working as hard as they did in the past year to make my website stand out above all others.”


Herbert Veisman DDS FRCD (C)
US Board Certified Periodontist