Mobile Dental Website Design

Santa Rosa, CA, November 29, 2011 — PBHS Inc. officially launched the release of its mobile website app development service. This service fulfills the significant demand in the dental industry for practice websites that are specifically designed for the mobile user.

PBHS, founded in 1977, started developing dental practice websites in the nineties when mobile websites were non-existent. While PBHS has been producing mobile-compatible sites since the rise of the smartphone, there is now a demand for a separate version of the practice site that is truly optimized for the mobile browser.

Jay Levine, President of PBHS, reports, ” Traffic statistics we gather for our clients demonstrate that most dental practices are currently seeing about 20% of their traffic derived from mobile devices. It is projected that by 2016, mobile traffic will be equal to the amount of traffic from desktop computers. I’m proud to say that PBHS can provide a complete solution for our clients – now and in the future.”

A PBHS mobile website app is an online website application that runs on any smartphone.  It is designed based upon an analysis of patient traffic. When a patient visits the practice website on their smartphone, they are automatically redirected to the mobile site app.   The mobile site optimizes the patient’s experience – the practice’s vital information can now be easily viewed without forcing the patient to zoom in and out or scroll incessantly, a frustrating experience for the Smartphone user. Instead, visitors can easily read text that is automatically resized to fit the smaller screen and navigate using an intuitive smartphone interface. This mobile version of the site also enables visitors to contact the practice by phone or email instantly – even faster than viewing the site on a desktop computer. If a patient wants driving directions, the mobile site will seamlessly open their phone’s native maps application to give them step-by-step directions from their current location using GPS technology.

If you have questions about mobile website development or would like a quote on developing your own mobile site, call us at (800) 840-5383.

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