Five Reasons Oral Surgeons Should Pre-Register Patients with TruForm

1. Immediate Return on Investment. OMS Practices using PBHS TruForm Online Patient Registration are saving thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in chart preparation.  Patients access TruForm through your PBHS designed website.

2. Why enter data twice? Only PBHS TruForm integrates with your OMS Practice Management Software eliminating data entry of patient demographics and health history.

3. Integrates with your iPad. Only PBHS TruForm Integrates with iConsultOMS, the only OMS iPad Consultation System. Collect digital signatures on the iPad for health histories completed online, treatment authorizations, informed consents and fees & payments.

4. Integrates with Lexi-comp. Eliminate patient errors when inputting names of prescriptions,dosage and frequency of dosage.

5. An average of 70% of patients pre-register with PBHS TruForm. TruForm is HIPAA compliant, a secure and safe way of transferring information from your website into your practice management software.

What PBHS Customers Are Saying About TruForm:

Staff “Our Office has over 75% of patients pre-register with TruForm™. We save about 15 minutes per chart or 7.5 hours a day in preparation and data entry. Charts are prepared in less time and data can be passed to our practice management software. Patients are happier because they can fill our our custom forms from the comfort of their own home. We’re happier because it’s legible and they can’t forget the forms at home.”   – S.L, Indianapolis.


Shouldn’t your practice benefit from the latest in PBHS website technology?



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