QR Code Dental Marketing

WHAT ARE QR CODES? Quick Response Codes, or QR Codes are specialized barcodes. When scanned by a smartphone, patients are immediately directed to documents, websites or even videos. PBHS has included this new feature in our custom practice brochures,  automatically directing patients to our Human Touch™ multimedia procedural videos on dental implant placement or wisdom tooth extraction.

MAXIMIZE REFERRAL RESPONSE RATES –INTEGRATE WITH YOUR PBHS WEBSITE. Personalized Referral Books maximize referral response rates by pushing traffic to your website! Embedded within each referral slip is a QR Code which is scanned by the patient with their mobile phone. Referred patients are immediately directed to your website where they are instructed to download pre-operative instructions, watch interactive procedural videos, pre-register online and download interactive driving directions to your practice. SPECIAL OFFERS Sending out postcards with QR Codes is a relatively inexpensive way to combine direct marketing with online advertising to help grow your practice. Prospective patients scan the QR Code and are instantly directed to an online advertisement,  promoting your special offer and the incentive to make an appointment. Call PBHS at (800) 840-5383 if you have any questions about implementing QR codes or for more information on the products highlighted above.

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