Movie Theaters: Some Of The Best Ads Dentists Aren’t Using

What can movie theater advertising do? A well-planned campaign will energize patient demand and create excitement for your premium dental services. It can also jump-start a new office, bring continuity to your brand and increase community recognition of your practice and location.

Dr. John Bauer in Mansfield, TX says, “our movie theatre ads are getting tons of exposure. Our patients tell us that they see it and say ‘that‘s my dentist’, then someone behind them says, ‘he’s my dentist too!’. These multimedia ads bring in a constant stream of new patients.” Dr. Bauer’s theater ads have been been an effective tool as part of his full PBHS marketing campaign. You can read the rest of his testimonial here.

Another PBHS client, Dr. John Buzza, is excited about the launch of his new theater ads throughout  Santa Rosa. “I have always used traditional forms of media to promote my practice. I understand the value of branding and saw an incredible opportunity that nobody else was taking advantage of.” Watch his full-length theater ad by clicking on the link below. Visit his PBHS website by clicking here and see how his movie theater ad is just one part of a streamlined PBHS marketing campaign.

Interested? Let us give you some more reasons to consider cinema advertising:

  • Movie theater ads are one of the fastest growing advertising mediums in the United States.  It’s one of the only traditional media channels that has experienced positive growth in the last two years. Last year’s box office reached a record $10.6 billion in sales and attendance grew by 400 million.
  • Movie ads have grown at an exponential rate, largely due to the attentiveness of movie-goers. The audience is captive and engaged, thus more receptive to advertising messages in this unique environment.
  • The demographic attending movies is most likely above average in affluence and more likely to spend money on elective procedures.  These people are also proven to do more activities outside of the home, making movie ads more effective than more traditional media outlets, such as television. They also tend to be more upscale and higher-educated than average.
  • Typical movie-goers attend the theater two or more times per month allowing for a effective frequency in your repeated advertising message. Over 95 million Americans reported going to the cinema “last month”.
  • Because the theater is a social event and promotes bonding (pardon the pun), it is a medium that is meant to be enjoyed by the consumer. Your audience arrives early, and lingers after the experience. It is a prime time to reach out and introduce your dental brand.

Call PBHS at (800) 840-5383 to speak with one of our representatives about how movie theater advertising can benefit your practice.

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