What are PBHS clients saying?

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PBHS Client, John E. Bauer, DDS  in Mansfield, TX. . .


. PBHS has facilitated the creation of the Mansfield Dental brand, which is, by far, the most successful practice within our region. They always come up with new and exciting ideas for us, and there is a consistency in the imagery and logo (designed by PBHS) which allows potential patients to recognize our brand and respond to it.

The Mansfield Dental website, created by PBHS, has been such a successful investment. We get positive comments from our patients about it all the time! PBHS has helped us achieve the #1 ranking on Google™ with their online marketing campaigns. Potential clients are so impressed they don’t bother looking elsewhere. They are attracted to the professional quality and the educational content available to them through the site. The patients that find us online know enough about our practice and the procedures to start making decisions the first time they visit the office.

Our advertising campaign with PBHS has been one of biggest contributors to our growth. Dentists think they can come up with their own ads, but they’re all really terrible. With PBHS, we were willing to try more innovative methods of advertising. In addition to our local magazine and newspaper ads created by PBHS, our movie theatre ads are getting tons of exposure. Our patients tell us that they see it and say ‘that‘s my dentist’, then someone behind them says, ‘he’s my dentist too!’. These multimedia ads bring in a constant stream of new patients. Working with PBHS has been a completely positive experience. Since we began our relationship with PBHS, our implant practice has more than quadrupled in 3 years. We really believe in them and it’s obviously paid off. We owe it to ourselves and our staff, but also to PBHS for developing a marketing campaign which keeps the Mansfield Dental brand out in front of the community.” . .

Dr. Bauer’s PBHS Marketing Campaign

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About Dr. John Bauer

Dr. Bauer grew up in Arlington, Texas where he met his wife and business partner, Terri. Dr. Bauer and Terri attended Texas A&M University together, with John graduating from Baylor College of Dentistry in 1980. They now run a thriving practice together in the heart of Mansfield, Texas and attribute their success not only to the relationships they have built with their patients, but the marketing expertise of PBHS. .

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