Dental Website Accessibility

Since the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), businesses have learned to comply with the physical accessibility requirements stipulated by the law, but, increasingly, legal pressure is mounting for them to comply in the virtual realm as well.

Website Accessibility

Website accessibility is designed to level the playing field on the web for users of all abilities. Specifically, it ensures that users with disabilities can fully understand and interact with websites by removing barriers to their participation. This is especially important for the medical and dental industries.

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PBHS is the only marketing service/website company endorsed by ADA Business Resources. PBHS complies with accessibility guidelines for all new website development. Practices with older websites can contact PBHS regarding an accessibility audit and learn more about the actions required for practice compliance.

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In the United States alone your site may be inaccessible to: (statistics are from the United States Center for Disease Control)

1 in 5 people have some form of disability.

8.1 million have some form of visual impairment visually

7.6 million people have some form of an auditory impairment.

2 million people are blind

19.9 million people have some form of motor impairment, have trouble grasping or can’t use a mouse.

5.1 million people suffer from seizures or epilepsy (Statistics from the Center for Disease Control (CDC)).

One-in-five users require accommodations to use your site.
Help those with disabilities receive your services.

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Accessible Services

Website Accessibility Button

Accessibility Button

“Accessibility with the click of a button.”

PBHS is always innovating, consistently improving features and user experience. Recently we launched our accessibility mode button. This feature is vital for users with disabilities, allowing them to set website preferences such as color contrast and font-size for optimal legibility.

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Launch Survey

Launch Survey is a popular practice reputation management software. This program integrates with your website and monitors your Yelp and Google pages for new reviews. It also allows you to create custom surveys for your patients to encourage testimonials. Launch Survey has been tested and optimized for accessibility so that users with disabilities can navigate and submit a review to your practice using only a keyboard.

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TruForm by PBHS


PBHS TruForm™ lets patients pre-register from your website and enables referring doctors to securely refer patients directly online. With TruForm™, digital signatures are made easy! Our new TruForm™ portal eliminates the costly need for Adobe Acrobat and third party signature pads. PBHS now enables your patients to sign their secured form(s) from home using a desktop, tablet or phone. For a blind user, this feature is truly groundbreaking, allowing them to fill out sensitive registration forms independently, without the help of friends or family.

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Closed Captioning Logo

Captioned Videos

PBHS is committed to ensuring that all of our clients receive timely updates. We recently captioned all of our existing dental videos with English and Spanish translations. Captions are very important for users with deafness or hearing impairments. They allow them to fully understand important information in procedural or informed consent videos.

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accessibility disclaimer

Accessibility Statements

PBHS offers accessibility statements to help our clients fight against legal threats to their practice over website accessibility. Clients on our WordPress platform are given a disclaimer page listing useful resources and practice contact information for patients with disabilities.

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You can make a difference

PBHS offers one-of-a-kind website audits and ensures that your business is openly available to people with disabilities. As a trusted ADA resource, PBHS can help make your PBHS website accessible.

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Disabled Friend Illustrations

Examples of Accessibility Lawsuits

  • 1
    Sued for failure to provide descriptive alt text on images for products appearing on their e-commerce store.
  • H&R Block 3
    Sued for failure to provide accessible web content for their online tax preparation tool, website, and mobile application.
  • 5
    Sued for failure to provide closed captioning on streaming web videos, archived video content and pre-recorded course material.
  • MLB 2
    Engaged in structured negotiation to provide accessibility of apps for mobile devices based on WCAG 2.0 Level AA for its iPhone and iPad apps.
  • Safeway 4
    Engaged in structured negotiation to provide accessibility on its online grocery delivery website.
  • Carnival Cruises 6
    Sued for failure to provide accessible web experiences for their Carnival Cruises, Princess and Holland America websites.

Avoid Legal Exposure

Failure to comply with Section 508 of the Department of Justice’s ADA (American with Disabilities Act) Standards for Accessible Design could expose your company to hefty fines, the risk of expensive criminal and civil litigation as well as a reputation for being unfriendly to the disabled.

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