Human Touch™ is the closest thing to consulting with your patient in the practice. Information is presented clearly in a highly professional manner by the human narrator. The goal is to help the patient efficiently understand and retain information prior to their appointment.

The result – treatment planning is facilitated and consultation time is streamlined. PBHS Human Touch™ online multimedia tutorials incorporate extensive information from basic procedural concepts to treatment planning options. The use of this high technology in the practice will help promote services light years ahead of other web based solutions. Human Touch™ delivers video and audio presentations with minimal bandwidth requirements.

PBHS Human Touch Multimedia Presentation

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PBHS Human Touch - Dental Implants
Dental Implants
PBHS Human Touch - Wisdom Teeth
Wisdom Teeth
PBHS Human Touch - Orthognathic Surgery
Orthognathic Surgery
PBHS Human Touch - Endodontics
PBHS Human Touch - Periodontics
PBHS Human Touch - Cosmetic Dentistry
Cosmetic Dentistry

Features Include:

  • Comprehensive Patient Education
  • Interactive Human Interface
  • Detailed 3D Animations
  • Audio & Video Explanations
  • Overview of Diagnosis & Treatments
Your website can be upgraded with PBHS multimedia presentations! Preparations prior to surgery, procedures, and recommended post-op care are clearly articulated, complete with audio, video, animations and case studies. Patients can review this information as often as they like from home by visiting your website.