5 Steps to Win Every Dental Phone Call

5 Steps to Win Every Phone Call

Remember that time you called to make an appointment for a wisdom teeth consultation for your son, and you were blown away by the kindness of the woman on the other end of the line?  How she laughed—like you’d been friends for years? How she agreed with you—like she completely understood the concerns you had?

Some practices nail the phone conversation every time while others just can’t be bothered. And there’s no doubt about it—winning new patients means making a human connection. No matter your frame of mind, the way you approach each and every phone call will ultimately lead to a win—or not. Here’s what needs to be done…


  1. Smile. The moment the phone rings, put on a smile. In fact, before you even answer it, start grinning. Research says that 84% of the message that comes across as you’re speaking on the phone is in your tone and that listeners can even differentiate the kind of smile according to vocal intonation. Smile. They can tell.


  1. Answer the phone. Preferably within 2 rings, 3 if you must. Nothing is more refreshing in this age of recordings and beeps than to connect with a real human rather than trying to guess if you should be pressing 2 to get to the right person. So answer the phone and talk (with a smile) like it’s 1992.


  1. Use the same greeting every time. Keep it simple, and have it planned out: Your practice name. Your name. Your offer to help. “Thank you for calling Bellagio Dental. This is Jessica. How can I help you?” Short. Simple. No thinking involved. Just smiling.


  1. Ask for a name. Once the caller has responded to your greeting, ask for their name. This will immediately allow you to address them personally throughout the conversation. Being on a first name basis establishes a friendly rapport and puts your caller at ease, and who doesn’t like personalized service?


  1. Avoid putting them on hold. Of course, sometimes it’s inevitable. But remember, we’re going for the win here. For a grand slam, no holding. If you must place someone on hold, however, use that name you asked for, keep smiling, ask for permission to put them on a brief hold, and wait for an answer. Common courtesy goes a long way when being inconvenienced.


Following these 5 simple steps will win every phone call, and the biggest takeaway here? Your caller can hear your smile through the phone. So if you’re having a bad day, if the phones are ringing off the hook, if—and especially if—you don’t feel like it, smile. Your voice will lighten, and you’ll more easily make a connection. And that is what winning every call is all about.

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