shutterstock_170162696The Laser Periodontal Associates, a New York City-based provider of periodontal, cosmetic, and implant dentistry, is proud to announce PBHS’s implementation of the new peer-to-peer digital currency system, Bitcoin on Effective immediately, Dr. Neal Lehrman will provide patients the opportunity to use Bitcoin as a form of payment for laser periodontal and dental implant surgical procedures.

Dr. Neal Lehrman is an expert in the field of Laser Periodontal Therapy, and was the first Periodontist in New York City to be certified to perform LANAP – Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure. Dr. Lehrman is the first PBHS client and now one of the first Periodontists in New York City to accept Bitcoin for patient balances and co-payments.

Bitcoin became operational in 2009 with the release of the first open source Bitcoin client, but became well known in 2011 as Bitcoin interest grew rapidly. Today, Bitcoin begins to spread and is now a worldwide trend for managing transactions. Laser Periodontal Associates of New York joins an increasing roster of businesses to adopt the innovative payment network. From shopping networks such as, to social network sites like OKCupid, WordPress, and Reddit, Bitcoin is undoubtedly emerging as the digital currency of the future.

Dr. Lehrman has decided to join the digital currency movement, for reasons that are good for both the practice and the patient. Due to Bitcoin’s high cryptographic security, transactions are processed in an efficient and inexpensive way. Unlike credit cards, with an average 2% fee, Bitcoin payments are received with zero or low processing fees for patients and for the practice. As many businesses and patients have experienced issues with credit cards, Bitcoin payments are irreversible and secured by military grade cryptography, so users do not carry the costs and responsibilities that come with processing sensitive information from customers (patients) to businesses.

“Here at Laser Periodontal Associates of New York, we understand how important it is to keep up with today’s technology, “ said Dr. Lehrman, “We aim to provide our patients with not only the most forward thinking and innovative periodontal treatments, but also in keeping up with emerging digital technology, such as Bitcoin. The two run in parallel, as we look to focus on facilitating the patient’s experience and providing the most convenient and up to date care. It is also important to note, that each transaction is completely confidential and respects the patient’s privacy.”

Neal Lehrman, DDS, MS, has been in specialty practice since 1996 and performs a wide range of Periodontal, Laser Therapy, and Dental Implant procedures. For more information about Laser Periodontal Associates of New York visit

For more information on Bitcoin payment processing for the dental practice, please contact PBHS Dental Website Design at 1-800-840-5383 ext 111.

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