PBHS started with the premise that a digital assistant should work the way you do, not the way others think you should work. So, we went ahead and developed iConsult. The most powerful, most portable, most versatile digital assistant not-very-much money could buy.

Think of it as a Chair-side Consultation Guidebook. How about a multimedia presentation? Maybe even a patient’s health history, progress note, or an encounter form. Informed Consent? Sure. Go ahead.

iConsult streamlines patient consults and visits by enabling you to:

  • Record a consult.
  • Review a health history.
  • Explain treatment options with powerful 3D models.
  • Sketch a diagram.
  • Illustrate a procedure.
  • Review a radiograph.
  • Manage patient expectations.
  • Digitally sign informed consents.
  • Document patient encounters.
  • Complete progress notes.
  • Submit routing slips.
  • Deliver an amazing personalized patient presentation.
  • Export patient records to your practice software.

PBHS will be previewing iConsultOMS for iPad at the  AAOMS 2010 Annual Meeting. For more information and to reserve your copy, visit www.iconsultoms.com..

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