Third Molar Education

Think about this: One –and only one– extra set of wisdom teeth per week will net you approximately $50,000 more annually. If you do one extra set of wisdom teeth a week for 10 years, your net worth will have increased over $500,000 after taxes (assuming 8.5% interest)! Three or four additional third molar patients every week will significantly impact your net worth. Sound good? Our Third Molar Education and Marketing Plan™ will help you achieve this goal –and probably a lot more! The key to this system is a combination of education and marketing, which targets your entire referral base.

1. Personalized Laminated Third Molar Infocards™

Third Molar Infocards are laminated and printed in full color. These are used by your referrals and their auxiliaries, as well as you and your staff, as visual aids for patients. These cards effectively educate patients during your consultation on important issues relevant to third molars.

2. Personalized Third Molar Referral Pamphlets

Our four color pamphlets begin the education process regarding third molar removal. Like the dental implant brochures they identify you and your practice as your referrer’s preference of specialist. 100 pamphlets are also given in a display stand to your entire referral base (usually about 50 dentists per surgeon.)

3. Third Molar Patient Education Booklets

The most comprehensive patient education document available today. Eight pages and four color. Before and after your consultation, patients have the opportunity to review important aspects of third molar removal, becoming better educated and more appreciative of the process. This ultimately will minimize postoperative “problems” for your patients, staff and yourself. For more information, call Santa Rosa Office Phone Number 800.840.5383. Questions can be emailed to [email protected].