Grow your practice with video marketing

Using video to highlight your office

It sounds overwhelming. You don’t know where to start. You really just want to focus on providing your community with quality dental care, but you can’t ignore the stats:

  • 87% of your competitors are marketing via video.
  • The simple mention of video in your email subject line is said to increase open rates by 19%.


The truth is, video is no longer just an extra—it should be central to your practice marketing plan.


What do videos actually do that makes them essential to growing your practice?

  • Connect and engage with patients.
  • Enhance user experience.
  • Support your SEO campaign.
  • Convert more website visitors into potential new patients
  • Convey more information in less time.
  • Increase brand exposure and confidence.
  • Evoke emotion.


So, where do you start? Here are a few tips for make creating dynamic videos on your smartphone:


  1. Set your smartphone to landscape mode and use an inexpensive tripod for hands-free filming.
  2. Avoid using digital zoom which makes the content blurry. Instead, move closer to the subject you are recording.
  3. Invest in a lav microphone to ensure good sound.
  4. Use a white photo umbrella kit to help control the amount and direction of light.
  5. Capture your audience with a story that they can relate toconnecting on an emotional level will create a bond with patients.
  6. Hook your viewers from the start, and keep the video short—the first 30 seconds are what matter most.


If you’re still intimidated by the thought of making a video, or you just want to get back to what you do best—care for your patients, that’s where we come in. PBHS’s Launch Video marketing package includes a full day of onsite filming by our team of videographers. We create high definition, professionally edited videos for your practice including patient testimonials, office tours, and interviews with doctors.

It’s time to reach more patients with video. Get started today!

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