The leader in OMS practice marketing and website design has unveiled yet another product designed to enhance productivity and streamline office workflow. This latest development, iConsent, is an online multimedia informed consent system. This new product allows practices to easily control the informed consent process and manage their legal risk. Patients are presented with interactive videos (developed for the OMSNIC) to educate on all aspects of a procedure and any associated health risks. Patients will be prompted throughout the process to answer questions that reinforce the material and assess comprehension.

All information exchanged between the program and the patient is permanently documented and accessible by the practice. When patients arrive at the office, their signatures are captured digitally within the program.  iConsent OMS™ provides indisputable proof of the patient’s viewing and learning process.

PBHS will be demonstrating this latest development for the OMS practice at AAOMS’s Implnat Meeting in Chicago this week. If you will not be attending the meeting but would like more information, you can call (800) 840-5383.


PBHS is a preferred partner of the OMSNIC.

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Also at AAOMS Implant Meeting: Demonstrations of a full line of products that integrate seamlessly with your internet presence and other PBHS products.

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