Wireless Waiting Room Education that Facilitates Treatment Planning and Increases Case Acceptance.

By pre-educating patients in the waiting room, consultation time decreases and case acceptance increases. PBHS helps the practice educate their patients with a consistent message. As with all PBHS products, the Silent Partner™ follows guidelines that focus on peer-reviewed content and high quality media.

  • Educate Patients on Office Procedures
  • Generate Enthusiastic Interest for Elective Procedures Such as Dental Implants
  • Encourage Questions From Patients and Families
  • Includes Streaming Tutorials, Illustrations and Video
  • Integration with Reputation Marketing and Social Media Channels
  • Digital Signage that is Automatically Updated
  • Real Time News-Feed Ticker

Select Your Broadcast Content

Procedural Overviews

Silent Partner TV is designed to educate patients on all procedures. Encourage questions from patients and families and includes the most up-to-date information presented in a clear and friendly display. 3D animations, illustrations and video help make a lasting impression while generating enthusiastic interest for elective procedures such as dental implants.

OMS Digital Signage

Spark interest in the procedures you are passionate about! Your advertising experts at PBHS deliver updated digital signage over the course of every month.



Patient Testimonials

Silent Partner TV integrates with your Launch Survey Reputation Marketing and Management System. Approved testimonials are automatically broadcasted into your waiting room!

Customized Office Videos

Stream custom videos directly into your waiting room. Practice overviews, office tours, doctor introductions, even patient testimonials will create interest and build confidence in your practice.


Socialize Your Waiting Room

Why promote your social media only on Facebook? The Silent Partner TV will stream your important social media posts into your waiting room!

Keep Your Patients Informed.

Real time news feeds tickers will keep your patients up to date with current events while simultaneously promoting your practice.


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