PBHS Client Experience

PBHS has created a seamless Mansfield Dental brand, which is by far the #1 practice in the area. They come up with something fresh every time, but the logo, look and feel is always the same. It allows us to be consistent so people recognize it and respond to it. The first thing is our website; we get positive comments about it all the time. More and more people are finding us that way, when they see that it’s inviting them to call. We come up first on the Google search and the website is so attractive that they don’t go anywhere else. Working with PBHS has been a totally positive experience in itself. Now that our practice has gotten really big, we can afford to do it right. Dentists think they can come up with their own ads. But they’re all really terrible. It’s like stealing candy from a baby. We really believe in PBHS and it’s paid off. We do advertising with PBHS and they always do a great job. We have a movie theatre ad and so many people have come up to us and said they saw it. They see it and say "that‘s my doctor", then someone behind them says, "he’s my doctor too!" Since we began advertising with PBHS, our implant practice has more than quadrupled in 3 years. It’s because of our office, but also because PBHS developed a marketing campaign that keeps our name out in front of people. John E. Bauer, DDS Mansfield Family & Cosmetic Dentistry Mansfield, TX

- John E. Bauer, DDS

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