• Portal Credentials: Client based credentials used to login directly to These credentials will expire every 90 days, and the client has the ability to change the email (used as the username) and/or password at anytime. PBHS will invite the client via email, and the client will register/setup their own password which PBHS Support does not have the ability to see ever.
  • Integration Credentials: Client created credentials solely for integration/api purposes. These credentials will never expire, and will never change. Note, PBHS Support does not have the ability to see the password for security/HIPAA reasons.


The credentials generated through this process should only be used within our staging portal.

    • When you are ready please email ([email protected]), and we can help set up your test account:

Please include the following within your request:

      • First Name & Last Name of User
      • Email of User
    1. Once invited, you will receive an email invitation.  Follow the instructions to setup your test user and login.
    2. PBHS will also send you a link to your test truForm, which gives you the ability to submit and retrieve test data.
    3. Once your user is setup, you can login to our staging portal to setup your integration login which would be used through the software to connect to our API (see below).


*Please note, this is a step each mutual client will need to complete and input into their software to connect to our API.  For HIPAA/security reasons, PBHS cannot see or pass this login to the software or software support (only the client will have access to it).  Our support department will provide guidance to the client on how to create this integration api username and password through our once integration is ready to use.

The credentials you generate here can only be used to connect to our API. These additional integration credentials are created away from the client’s portal credentials, as the integration credentials should never expire or change (so it should never disrupt their TruForm integration through your software due to login issues).

    1. Login to with your registered email (as the username) and password you created above
    2. Select “My Profile” icon from the dashboard:
    3. On the Account Profile tab below:
    4. Scroll down until you see the Practice Software Integration for Truform section:
    5. Click the green Generate New Integration Credentials button below.
    6. This will automatically fill out the Integration Username field with a username based on your email address, and generate an Integration Password
    7. Please make note of this generated username/password from this page, once you complete STEP 7 below – you will no longer see this for security purposes.
      PBHS recommends you physically copy (highlight each with your cursor and COPY) both the username/password from this screen and PASTE onto a word document or a notepad to ensure you have the correct letters/special characters or numbers used.
    8. Scroll to the top of this page and select Save Profile to set your generated integration username and password