The credentials generated through this process should only be used within our staging portal.

  1. When you are ready please email ([email protected]), and we can help setup your test account (if you already have your login setup, please skip to #2 below). 

    Please include the following within your request:

    • First Name & Last Name of User
    • Email of User       
  2. Once invited, you will receive an email invitation.  Follow the instructions to setup your test user and login.
  3. PBHS will also send you a link to your test truForm, which gives you the ability to submit test data (an XML and PDF per submission will be available to be pulled into your software).
  4. Once you can login to our staging portal, you can setup your integration user/pass which would be used through the software to connect to our API.


The credentials you generate here should only be used within your software to connect to our API. 

  1. Login to https://staging.portal.pbhs.com/ with your registered email (as the username) and password you created
  2. Select “Access Forms” icon from the dashboard
  3. Select your Name/Avatar icon in the upper right hand corner
  4. Select “Profile
  5. Scroll all the way down on this “Account Profile” tab until you see a section called “Practice Software Integration for TruForm“.
  6. Select the “Generate New Integration Credentials” button, this will generate a username/password to use within the software
  7. COPY this information immediately over to notepad any other application where you can store these credentials for later.  *Please note, when you save your profile page, you will not longer be able to see your integration user/pass- this is why it is important to copy this information first from step 7.
  8. Once copied, scroll to the top of this page and select the “Save Profile” option in the upper right hand corner of the page.