Next Step: Review of Integration Fields

API Overview

PBHS has developed a robust API, that acts as a bridge to your software. The PBHS API would be utilized to pull new registration data into the software along with all digital attachments that we allow the patient/referring doctor to submit along with the form.

The help page is publicly available, but in order to access the actual methods you will need to have an account within our system.

Items to Note

  • The method, GET truformsubmission/{id}, the returned object will have a property that contains a list of key/value pairs representing the submitted patient form. The forms are not all the same and fields that were not completed are not sent. In other words, the API is dynamic.

  • For any request, you can choose json (default) or XML.   The only exception to that is when requesting an individual truForm submission, in that case you can get the data as json (again the default), XML or a base 64 string that represents a PDF.