Pay Per Click (PPC) is a form of Internet advertising in which advertisers pay every time their advertisement is clicked in the search engines. The cost per click (CPC) is based on relevance and the competition for the term in your local market.  Google’s PPC system is known as Google AdWords™. PBHS initially sets up a consultation where one of our Google AdWords Experts determines your advertising strategy, defines your goals and educates you about what makes PBHS the leader in Medical and Dental PPC advertising.

What you pay for each click on your desired keywords will range depending on the maximum amount you are willing to pay forPBHS - Pay Per Click Process a single click and what is known as a Quality Score. The Quality Score metric is a whole integer between 1 and 10, 10 being the maximum possible score that can be assigned. The Quality Score ranks your campaign’s landing-page and advertisement relevancy to the specific keyword that you are advertising.  PBHS takes pride in creating sound, profitable, and high ROI Pay Per Click campaigns so we make our campaign strategies very transparent and straight-forward to our clients.

How do you track return on investment (ROI)? Every step along the prospective patient’s buying cycle is tracked, everything from the initial click on your advertisement all the way through the phone call to your office is tracked and recorded. During the initial phone consultation, PBHS and you will brainstorm what different niches to advertise under and create targeted landing pages. We track how many times your advertisement was seen compared to how many times it was clicked. This comparison is what is known as a Click Through Rate (CTR).

The CTR allows us to test and improve multiple advertisements. At the same time while we check to see which ones are most engaging to your target market. Once the visitor has clicked your advertisement, they are placed onto your targeted landing page and “funneled” into making a decision. PBHS’ targeted landing pages are designed to engage the visitor and prompt them into contacting your practice via 1 of the 2 email contact forms or call your office through the tracked phone number.

What is a landing page and what is it used for?landing page is different than a microsite and your regular website in many ways. A landing page is generally a single page that doesn’t allow visitors to navigate around and is specifically targeted for the dental or medical procedure you are advertising.  PBHS chooses to use landing pages rather than your existing website or a microsite because every option you give a visitor to stray away from your end goal (phone call or email) equals fewer leads. Our Landing pages are professionally designed to match your website and branding strategy. The Landing page also allows the use of a call tracking phone number, without negatively affecting the organic search engine rankings (non-paid) of your full website.

What is a call tracking number and what is it used for? PBHS realizes that tracking the efficiency of your online advertising dollars is one of the most important and overlooked aspects of a successful campaign. We have found a solution that allows leads that are generated by your search engine marketing efforts to be tracked and recorded. PBHS call tracking places a unique phone number, either local or toll-free on your landing page. This phone number routes the caller directly to your practice’s regular phone number, in return allowing us to monitor call volumes and allow your practice to listen to the recorded leads for quality and front office productivity.

PBHS Launch Ads Campaigns

PBHS charges a flat monthly management fee to manage Pay Per Click campaigns. The majority of the larger companies that manage PPC campaigns make you decide on a monthly budget to spend directly with them. Since there are really 2 components to a PPC campaign (management fee + keyword costs) PBHS has decided to be completely transparent with these numbers allowing our clients to see exactly how much individual keywords are costing them. Many larger companies make their money from what is known as a percentage of spend system where they take a portion of your overall budget and out it directly into their pocket. A flat management fee allows PBHS to provide a service for much less than our competition does with higher returns.

PBHS has been producing medical and dental website designs and offering marketing solutions for practices since 1996. Our Pay Per Click experts become niche focused and are extremely familiar with the services and products that you offer, as well as what keywords and marketing strategies will make the most of your campaign. While many companies specialize in PPC advertising, there is a big advantage in having PBHS create your targeted Pay Per Click campaign, too! Our PPC experts create, optimize, manage, and market Google AdWords™ accounts. We understand that Pay Per Click advertising is a generally complex process.  We have created simple, high yielding PPC packages that can accommodate practices from 1 doctor and 1 office all the way to multi-specialty practices with 50 doctors and 50 offices.

  • “76% of all American Internet users use a search engine to find what they are looking for” – Nielsen/Netrating