PBHS TV and Radio Advertising

PBHS makes conducting a direct mail campaign easy. A focused strategy that will impact your marketing forever.

  • Grow your Practice
  • Promote Life Changing Benefits
  • Increase Case Acceptance
  • Enhance Your Practice Value
  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Demographic Analysis
  • Creative Copy Writing
  • Radio Advertising

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Demographic Direct Mail

Based on the population of your surrounding area, you may choose the number of mailers sent out on a quarterly basis (minimum 3000). Recipients are selected by demographic constraints, including age and household income. PBHS manages all fulfillment for each quarterly campaign. You may choose the option of creating a powerful marketing mix by supporting the quarterly mail campaign with media such as magazine, newspaper, television and radio advertisements. The theme of each advertisement is consistent with its respective mailer. Demographic marketing will strategically advance the referral marketing goals of new and established practices in all specialties of dentistry and medicine — building your bottom line and increasing patient satisfaction.

Magazine and Newspaper

With advertisement in recommended magazines or newspapers, you can be sure your message will be seen not just once, but many times by multiple readers. Your message appears where your prospective clients look for it — next to articles about appearance, health, lifestyle, luxury, and senior living. People often read issues several times at leisure, and keep them around for reference — so they have your practice name and number when they’re ready to act. You may even be placed in the enviable position of expert who is quoted or featured in related stories.

Television and Radio

PBHS recommends a media mix that delivers considerable value. You can easily target desired demographics and psychographics such as gender, education, income and interests. Radio reaches 75% of consumers every day and helps your TV message work harder. In studies comparing recall, a radio/TV mix delivered superior results to TV alone every time — raising message recall from 35% to 48% in the direct-to-consumer category. PBHS TV and radio spots share consistent themes for maximum effectiveness.

Statistics That Mean Something

Once the campaign starts, PBHS professionals train your staff to track responses from your email and website — so that they respond to all incoming prospects, guide them to the next step, and record appropriate data. PBHS also provides training for specialists and staff in strategies that facilitate case acceptance and in communicating benefits easily and effectively.