From waiting room presentations to educational InfoCards, PBHS can provide you with up-to-date, peer-reviewed content and high quality media that lead to more inquiries and increased case acceptance. PBHS products are attractively designed, engaging, memorable, and easy to understand. Patients who are educated through a combination of these services, are more likely to retain information, ask questions, and schedule procedures.

Ask Yourself these Questions:

  • Would you like to schedule one more procedure a week?
  • Would it help to have patients who are already thinking about the procedures you offer?
  PBHS Silent Assistant

Office Presentations

Silent Assistant™ is an invaluable sales tool for an oral and maxillofacial surgery practice.

Beautiful case studies, true-life testimonials, and engaging visuals build excitement and interest in procedures such as dental implant surgery. This silent waiting room system will remind patients and families how they can, once again, live life to the fullest. By pre-educating patients in the waiting room, consultation time decreases and case acceptance increases. PBHS helps the oral and maxillofacial surgeon educate their patients with a consistent message. As with all PBHS products, the Silent Assistant™ follows guidelines that focus on peer-reviewed content and high quality media.

Informed Consent

PBHS offers Informed Consent information in three convenient forms — as a DVD you can play in your office, as online videos we can add to your website and as an iPad based solution.

Eliminate the inconvenience of rewinding, fast forwarding and switching between procedural videotapes. The DVD OMS Informed Consent system presentation includes narrated, animated and visual descriptions of Oral and Maxillofacial procedures. With over 54 minutes of vital information presented in a professional, non-threatening manner, this DVD video presentation is designed to have maximum impact on your patients.

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PBHS Informed Consent


  • Increasing case acceptance
  • Presenting information in a comprehensive manner
  • Enhancing the quality of time spent in consultation
  • Minimizing practice liability

Proven Technique

Proven visual techniques — such as 3D animations and graphics combined with live action — leave patients with a lasting impression and promote retention of the information presented.


Each procedural consent has been designed to answer questions frequently asked by patients. Topics include: Dental Implant Surgery, Third Molar Surgery, Orthognathic Surgery, TMJ Surgery as well as an introduction to the specialty of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

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The DVD OMS Informed Consent System is a valuable tool that will assist and enhance your patient consultation by:
For more information, call Santa Rosa Office Phone Number 800.840.5383. Questions can be emailed to [email protected].
PBHS Dental Implant Infocards

Dental Implant Patient Education

With more cohesive and concise case presentations by your restorative referrers, you will see more surgical implant consultations.

The System Will:

  • Improve patient understanding
  • Decrease consultation time
  • Increase case acceptance
  • Increase surgical referrals

Personalized Referral Pamphlets

These tri-fold, four color pamphlets begin the education process regarding dental implants. They specifically identify you and your practice as your referrer’s preference of specialist. In fact, the referring doctor’s name and address are printed on the cover page of the brochure. Typically, 100 pamphlets are given in a display stand to your entire referral base (usually about 50 dentists per surgeon.) The guidebooks and guidesheets can also be personalized with your practice name.

Dental Implant Patient Education Booklets

This comprehensive 12 page booklet reviews implant basics and treatment options. It discusses both the surgical and restorative aspects of treatment and can be used by doctors who place and restore implants as well as the two doctor treatment team model.

Dental Implant Laminated Infocards™

It starts with the auxiliaries – Patients listen to hygienists & assistants. Our laminated, implant infocards help these staff members introduce implant dentistry to patients. When our infocards are given to your referrals it will help them easily and clearly present complex treatment plans to patients. When patients are properly introduced to implant-supported treatment plans BEFORE they see you, consultation time will decrease and case acceptance will increase. Patients remember more, understand better, and appreciate the team effort. Everyone wins!

The Patient Implant Hygiene Sheet

Patient Implant Hygiene Sheets are supplied to your referring doctors for distribution to their implant patients. Instructions are provided for homecare and reinforce the patient’s responsibility for treatment success.

Third Molar Education

Increase third molar referrals, save consultation time, increase your practice value.

Think about this: One — and only one — extra set of wisdom teeth per week will net you approximately $50,000 more annually. If you do one extra set of wisdom teeth a week for 10 years, your net worth will have increased over $500,000 after taxes (assuming you are compounding earned interest)! Three or four additional third molar patients every week will significantly impact your net worth. Sound good? Our Third Molar Education and Marketing Plan™ will help you achieve this goal — and probably a lot more! The key to this system is a combination of education and marketing, which targets your entire referral base.

PBHS Third Molar Education

Personalized Laminated Third Molar Infocards™

Third Molar Infocards are laminated and printed in full color. They are used by you, your staff, your referrals, and their auxiliaries, as visual aids for patients. These cards effectively educate patients during your consultation on important issues relevant to third molars.

Personalized Third Molar Referral Pamphlets

Our four color pamphlets begin the education process regarding third molar removal. Like the dental implant brochures they identify you and your practice as your referrer’s preference of specialist. 100 pamphlets are also given in a display stand to your entire referral base (usually about 50 dentists per surgeon.)

Third Molar Patient Education Booklets

The most comprehensive, 8 page, full color, patient education document available today. Before and after your consultation, patients have the opportunity to review important aspects of third molar removal, becoming better educated and more appreciative of the process. This ultimately will minimize postoperative “problems” for your patients, staff and yourself.

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For more information, call Santa Rosa Office Phone Number 800.840.5383. Questions can be emailed to [email protected].
PBHS Educational InfoCards

Educational InfoCards™

Generate more referrals who are pre-educated prior to consultation.

These 8.5×11 InfoCards are imprinted with your practice name, web address, mailing address and phone numbers. Laminated for durability and printed in full color, InfoCards help illustrate important procedures and conditions of dental disease. InfoCards can be used by you, but they can also be given out to your referring doctors to assist them in educating their patients. InfoCards can be gifted to your referring dentists — a gift which clearly displays your practice name, phone number and website address.