Periodontics Education

Increase Referrals, Save Consultation Time, Increase Your Practice Value. Our Periodontic Education and Marketing Plan™ will help you achieve this goal –and probably a lot more! The key to this system is a combination of education and marketing, which targets your entire referral base.

1. Personalized Periodontal Referral Pamphlet

These tri-fold four color Referral Pamphlets begin the education process regarding periodontal disease and specifically identify you and your practice as your referral’s preference of specialist. Typically, 100 pamphlets are given in a display stand to your entire referral base (usually about 50 dentists per surgeon.)

2. Personalized Laminated Periodontal Infocards

These 8.5×11″ Periodontal Infocards are printed with your practice name, web address, mailing address and phone numbers. Laminated for durability and printed in full color, Infocards help illustrate important procedures and conditions of periodontal disease. Infocards can be used by you, but they can also be given out to your referring doctors to assist them in educating their patients. Your gift of this infocard, clearly displaying your practice name and phone number, will help generate more referrals who are pre-educated before they meet you.