Dental Implants Education

PBHS is pleased to introduce a system which will enable you to educate and communicate with your restorative colleagues efficiently and effectively – utilizing a CD-ROM and the Internet, as well as more traditional means of communication. This multidimensional system was designed and developed in conjunction with successful dental implant surgeons, dedicated to patient and referral education, as an integral component of their practice development.

1. Dental Implant Website Presentation (Optional)

PBHS is proud to debut the  Human Touch Presentation for Dental Implants  incorporating extensive information for both patients and restorative dentists from basic implant concepts to treatment planning options. Let your website compliment your dental implant marketing system with the Human Touch. Presentation of complex treatment plans in a very simple manner

2. Personalized Referral Pamphlets

These tri-fold, four color pamphlets begin the education process regarding dental implants. They specifically identify you and your practice as your referrer’s preference of specialist. In fact, the referring doctor’s name and address are printed on the cover page of the brochure. Typically, 100 pamphlets are given in a display stand to your entire referral base (usually about 50 dentists per surgeon.) The guidebooks and guidesheets can also be personalized with your practice name.

3. Dental Implant Patient Education Booklets

This comprehensive 12 page booklet reviews implant basics and treatment options. It discusses both the surgical and restorative aspects of treatment and can be used by doctors who place and restore implants as well as the two doctor treatment team model.

4. Dental Implant Laminated Infocards™

It starts with the auxiliaries – Patients listen to hygienists & assistants. Our laminated, implant infocards help these staff members introduce implant dentistry to patients. When our infocards are given to your referrals it will help them easily and clearly present complex treatment plans to patients. When patients are properly introduced to implant-supported treatment plans BEFORE they see you, consultation time will decrease and case acceptance will increase. Patients remember more, understand better, and appreciate the team effort. Everyone wins!

5. The Patient Implant Hygiene Sheet

Patient Implant Hygiene Sheets are supplied to your referring doctors for distribution to their implant patients. Instructions are provided for homecare and reinforce the patient’s responsibility for treatment success.

It Begins With The Consultation

With more cohesive and concise case presentations by your restorative referrers, you will see more surgical implant consultations. Similarly, if you initiate discussion about a possible dental implant treatment plan, the information you have provided your restorative colleagues will allow them to effectively follow-up on information you’ve given to your mutual patient.

The System Will:

  • Improve patient understanding
  • Decrease consultation time
  • Increase case acceptance
  • Increase surgical referrals

The use of effective consultation tools, personalized referral brochures, and the CD-ROM / Internet Dental Implant iModule allows for repetitive exposure to case concepts and improves patient understanding of proposed treatment.

Our goal is to help you promote your practice in this rapidly growing area of contemporary dentistry. For more information regarding specific products,  email us  or call Santa Rosa Office Phone Number 800.840.5383.