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PPC Questionnaire

PPC Questionnaire

PBHS PPC Questionnaire

Initial Questionnaire for PPC Campaigns
  • This questionnaire must be completed all at once. If you are not able to complete the questionnaire due to time constraints, scroll to the bottom and submit what you have finished so far. You can revisit the other questions later or during your consultation. Please include your Name, email and website on all submissions.

  • If your site is still in development AND you do not have a website address yet, please enter http://www.nodomain.com in this field.
  • (example: Dental Implants, General Dentistry Services, Wisdom Teeth Removal)
  • (example: Complimentary Consultation, Special Pricing, etc.)
  • (example: Years of certification, advanced technology, certifications, etc.)
  • (We recommend not extending your target radius too far since that will result in a high volume of untargeted clicks and money spent.)
  • (Use an email that is already working and checked frequently.)
  • Please include anything you would like to discuss during your consultation or any special concerns you have.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
Search updates suggestions below as you type.
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