Your New Superhero! – ADA TV, the Greatest in Waiting Room Tech

What if the dental patients in your waiting room did more than just wait? What if they could be entertained, educated, and enabled to learn more about your top procedures, and all you had to do was plug a tiny, hi-tech computer stick into your HDTV? That’s all it takes. PBHS will configure and test the system, and voila! ADA TV transforms your HDTV into a complete waiting room marketing system.


Here’s why you should turn your waiting room into a high impact profit center and join the thousands of dentists who have already discovered the power of ADA TV:

Start the conversation in the waiting room

Make the most of patient wait time by starting the conversation in your waiting room. ADA TV combines individually customized programming with up-to-date practice information that sparks your patients’ interests the procedures you are most passionate about, generating curiosity, and encouraging them to ask when they are with you face to face.

Market your highest value services

ADA TV is a cutting-edge, personalized TV system through which you can share testimonials, social media posts, and custom office videos to promote all the highest value services you offer. Take advantage of this opportunity to market your Invisalign, dental implants, and teeth whitening treatments with 3D animation and videos.

Educate patients with the latest video tutorials

The ADA TV incudes the entire Toothflix® media library, along with procedural tutorials, patient education videos, and animations, right on your office TV, for patients to watch. Educate your patents by streaming pre-loaded illustrations that capture their attention while they wait.

Maximize chair time and case acceptance with Consult Mode on any device

Consult Mode is the perfect chairside partner, eliminating the need for separate treatment education software. ADA TV Consult Mode enhances patient education, increasing case acceptance, even making informed consent easy. If your computers are connected to TV monitors in your operatories, the on-demand consult mode content can be pushed right to the operatory TV for treatment planning. You can even use tablets and any other Wi-Fi enabled device. That’s streamlining at its best.

Get Social with integration to your practice Facebook page

ADA TV integrates posts from social media channels, automatically pulling in your practice Facebook posts’ images and text content from the last 25 days. This is an excellent way to streamline and maximize your marketing efforts.

Entertain patients with news, sports, finance, and digital marketing signage

ADA TV keeps your patients engaged by broadcasting sports, finance, and other entertainment options. Inform patients on real time news and spotlight content from HGTV, NatGeo, Smithsonian Channel, History Channel, Cooking Channel, and more. Its completely customizable!

Ready to get started?

If you’re already using ADA TV, now is a great time to upgrade your dental waiting room with our better, faster, and stronger Amazon Fire TV platform. ADA TV has more content that any other system out there. Put waiting room time to optimal use with this innovative and powerful marketing tool—and watch your practice grow. Call PBHS today at 1-800-840-5383 or sign up by clicking here.



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