How to Grow Your Practice with ADA TV

A solid patient engagement strategy is essential for growing a thriving dental practice. There’s no better action plan than the transformation of your waiting room and consult room with ADA TV, a high-definition, Internet TV streaming service that educates and entertains patients while they wait. From seamlessly promoting your COVID-19 protocols to facilitating case acceptance chairside, this newest generation of waiting room technology does it all. Read on to discover why ADA TV is the preferred waiting room and consult room solution.

Transform Your Waiting Room into a High-Impact Profit Center

ADA TV empowers your dental practice with on-demand and streaming content that will educate, entertain, and promote your high-value services to patients in your reception area and operatories, encouraging them and their family members to consider both the required and elective treatment options that you offer. With ADA TV, the patients in your waiting room can now do more than just wait!

The ADA TV content library is unparalleled and consists of hundreds of 3D procedural animations, patient educational tutorials and testimonials, and the entire ADA ToothFlix® 2.0 video library, as well as news, sports, weather, and entertainment feeds. New content is added monthly and can be easily augmented by the incorporation of your own personal content, such as welcome videos, practice highlights, COVID-19 policies, and custom Facebook posts – all for streaming on your office monitors.

Our PBHS team customizes your ADA TV content, beginning with an in-depth conversation that zeros in on the uniqueness of your practice, what your exceptional services entail, and what makes you stand out. We then design an ADA TV account that is tailored to your expertise, services, and practice. And it doesn’t stop there – we onboard new content monthly, keeping it fresh and exciting.

Increase Case Acceptance with Targeted Streaming

Participating dentists report a direct correlation in increased demand for their procedures that are displayed by the ADA TV system for their patients. For example, when you stream content on the effectiveness of dental implants, family members of your patients become the intended audience. By showing targeted patient testimonials, illustrating the ease and satisfaction of these implant interventions, you’ll get the conversation started and immediately increase your implant case conversions.

Enhance Chairside Treatment Planning with ADA TV Consult Mode

A powerful, built-in extension for ADA TV subscribers, Consult Mode mobilizes the dental experience, making it easier than ever for dentists to optimize chair time and better educate and inform patients via tablets, iPads, and other Wi-Fi connected devices. The entire library of 3D video animations and slide presentations are readily available at your fingertips. Simply navigate to your preferred playlist to show up-to-date procedural information in real-time.

Consult Mode is the perfect chairside partner, enabling you to present clear, concise and patient-friendly educational content during the treatment planning and decision-making process. Encouraging questions from patients and their families and cultivating a robust dialogue, Consult Mode helps remove fear, build confidence, foster trust, and ultimately, increase case acceptance.

Are you ready to install ADA TV?

With ADA TV, you can captivate patients in the waiting room and treatment plan in the consult room. ADA TV enhances the important relationship between patient education and promoting the services of your practice, resulting in greater patient engagement and increased bookings. Once your practice receives the ADA TV device (a tiny, pre-configured Chrome stick), simply plug it into the HDMI port of your waiting room TV, connect to the office Wi-Fi, and your personalized playlist will begin. It’s that simple. Contact one of our experts now!

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