Best Dental Websites of 2018

Top 6 Dentist Websites by PBHS

As 2018 comes to a close, our team at PBHS is proud to look back on the hundreds of unique custom dental websites we’ve developed and launched this past year. Below are a few that stand out in how they have differentiated their presence online through graphic elements, cutting edge functionality, and compelling content.

The Perico Group

This practice chose a clean design that reflects the tones of their logo and demonstrates cohesive branding throughout the website. Their dental videos are central, telling a story that engages patients and lengthens the time they spend on the website – essential elements in a highly competitive market.

Metropolitan Endodontics

A true reflection of their location, this website features a cityscape theme paired with local beauty that helps visitors feel instantly comfortable and at ease. The strategy of creating a crisp and straightforward design free from clutter – while still providing access to necessary information regarding the multiple doctors and locations of this practice – is a critical component of their success.

Ueno Center Dental Specialists

The PBHS marketing team customized this client’s dental website by designing and promoting the uniqueness of their brand, their mission, and practice philosophy. Written content that spotlights what sets this practice apart presents a highly focused message to the patients within their community.

Adara Surgical Institute

A sophisticated market calls for a sophisticated website, and PBHS nailed it with elegant graphic elements, written content, and a standout, customized menu that helps patients easily navigate the practice’s multi-specialty offerings.

Seattle Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Placing a premium on user experience is key to this website’s marketing success. Videos that tell the patient’s story blends in seamlessly with the simple design – a critical factor that distinguishes the practice in their market – attracting new patients through informational and visual appeal.

Cabot Dental Associates

Keeping it local, this website facilitates a sense of familiarity among its users, greeting potential patients with aerial video footage of the beautiful coastal town of Beverly, MA. The theme of location-based marketing is carried throughout the website to make visitors feel at home as they browse dental topics and learn about the doctors.


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