As the oldest and largest social media channel, Facebook is a powerful tool for marketing your practice online! We’ve compiled some tips and tricks to give your practice a head start on how to best market your practice.

Make sure to optimize your Facebook.

Get crafty with your branding! Here are a few simple tips to optimize your Facebook Business Page:

  • Set a profile picture and cover photo that represents the spirit of your practice!
  • Add “Our Story” section – it’s a great way to tell patients and potential patients a little bit more about your practice.
  • Encourage people to like and follow you.

Drive traffic to your Facebook.

If you’re just starting out, let your existing patients know where you’re at! Facebook has 1.47 BILLION daily users, chances are they’re on Facebook, too. Share your Facebook URL by adding social media sharing links to your website, as well as your email signatures. Don’t forget the real world – business cards and referral marketing materials should include your Facebook URL too!

Perfect your practice’s call-to-action.

The call-to-action button is a quick way to drive patients and potential patients where you want them to go. Select a “Call Now” or “Book Now” button to best prompt the results you want. Choosing the right call-to-action button is an easy and effective way to send your audience in the right direction!

Need some help?

PBHS can manage your Social Media, create posts and design your Facebook Business Page. Call Santa Rosa Office Phone Number 800.840.5383

Invite people to like your page.

Sending out mass invites to like your Facebook Business Page often come off as impersonal, sometimes even a little spammy. Take the time and craft a message that outlines why you want them to like and follow your Page. Facebook has made it even easier for you by including a feature that prompts people who have already liked one of your posts to take the next step and like your Page.

Take your practice LIVE!

Facebook Live videos have the greatest reach of any post type (photos, links, regular videos, etc.). Going Live can draw ten times as many comments, and viewers tend to watch it three times longer than normal videos. Facebook also prioritizes Live videos by placing them first in your followers’ News Feed, as well as sends notifications to potentially interested audience members.

Get friendly with your followers.

If you mention a person in a post, they’re more likely to share that post with their friends! You can also do this with referring doctors, why not give another practice a shout-out and see if the feeling is mutual? This kind of social media awareness (when done right) sets your practice’s Facebook Business Page up for healthy growth.

Having a social media presence and positive online reputation will compliment your referral forms and real-world referral marketing strategies, but remember that at the end of the day, social media marketing isn’t about selling patients on services. Social media marketing and reputation management are about building your online presence to reach the communities in which you serve, and creating connections with potential patients and referring doctors alike. For more information, call PBHS at 800.840.5383 and ask about our social media services for dentists and specialists.