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Santa Rosa, CA, February 7, 2018 — ADA Member Advantage awarded its third product endorsement to PBHS, Inc. for its user-friendly, high-tech entertainment and marketing system for waiting rooms. Aptly named “ADA TV”, the product is the result of a collaboration between PBHS and the ADA.

“ADA TV represents the important relationship between patient education and promoting the services of a practice,” notes Tony Frankos, ADA senior director of product and benefit development. “We’re excited to leverage the technical expertise of PBHS to offer the ADA’s complete library of trusted Toothflix® patient education videos in new and innovative ways that continue to set our members up for success.”

ADA TV empowers a dental practice to customize and stream content that will educate, entertain, and promote specific services to patients in the reception area or operatory. According to PBHS President Jay Levine, ADA TV can provide a nudge approach to marketing by encouraging patients and their family members to consider treatment options best suited for their own health.

“With ADA TV, participating dentists note that they see a direct correlation in demand for procedures that are displayed by the system.” says Mr. Levine, “The dental practice can educate family members on the benefits of implants, for example, who bring their children in for an appointment. There may be parents who are partially edentulous and are not aware of the effectiveness of dental implants until learning about the benefits of replacing missing teeth from ADA TV right there in the waiting room. Dentists find it simple to track the return on investment when they see an immediate increase in implant case conversions.”

ADA TV utilizes a Chromebit stick device to stream a proprietary combination of both pre-loaded and on-the-fly content. ADA TV is comprised of a variety of programming that is specific to – and controlled by – the dental practice, including ADA Toothflix patient education videos and other non-ADA content, such as social media, clinical tutorials, sports, entertainment clips, real time localized news and weather updates, and specific practice content like Facebook page activity, patient testimonials or treatment highlights.

This level of portability empowers the dental practice to have full control over what, when, and how the content in their playlist is displayed. PBHS helps the practice customize their content and build their playlist. Once the practice receives the ADA TV device, they simply plug it into their TV, connect to the internet, and their personalized playlist begins. Broadcast packages for ADA Member dentists begin at $75 per month, plus a one-time activation fee.

ADA TV is the third product from PBHS to be endorsed by ADA Member Advantage, joining existing endorsements for a secure communications solution – Website Marketing and Secure E-Mail. For more information on ADA TV, visit www.ADA.org/tv or call 888.993.5664. For more information on ADA Member Advantage endorsed products, visit www.adamemberadvantage.com.

*** PBHS is the ADA Member Advantage Endorsed Provider for Website Design and Marketing. PBHS was founded in 1977 and works with over 8,000 practitioners. Since 1995, PBHS has developed websites for practices throughout the world. PBHS is a privately held company headquartered in Santa Rosa, CA, with offices in both New York and California. PBHS can be reached at 3785 Brickway Blvd Suite 200, Santa Rosa, CA 95403 (800) 840‐5383. https://www.pbhs.com or email at [email protected]

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