Beyond Facebook, Social Media Tips for Dentists

Facebook has over 1.28 billion daily users. As that number increases daily, it is important for dentists and specialists to add social media to their marketing strategies if they haven’t already.

Not sure where to start? Last month, PBHS Social Media Director Kathryn Inman presented a webinar to the ADA community on just this topic. Read some of the highlights of the webinar below and watch a recording of it for more tips on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at the ADA Center for Professional Success (ADA members only).

Campaigns to Try

Campaigns are a great way to attract more social media followers and extend the reach of your practice in the community. Here are three simple campaigns that are great for beginners, social pros and everyone in between:

  1. Join a campaign such as national ice cream month to engage with patients.
  2. Run a like-campaign with a fun theme (dress up like a tooth fairy?) to gain followers.
  3. Give away tickets to a game or other event to engage local fans.

Beyond Facebook

Create an Instagram Business account. Instagram is another great way to promote your practice and engage with patients and potential patients. With an Instagram business account, you can sync your Facebook business page and share your practice’s contact information (i.e. hours, locations, phone number and website).

Twitter in Real Time

Twitter is great for real time interaction with your followers. Hold a Q&A with followers and answer their dental related questions.


Snapchat is the platform to tell your practice’s story – literally! Snapchat is built on sharing 10-second clips of your practice. Since Snapchat users share their favorite stories with their friends, this is a great way to showcase your practice’s sense of humor by sharing short clips of your office.

With social media, the possibilities are endless. Get more ideas by watching the webinar and calling Santa Rosa Office Phone Number 800.840.5383 today to talk to a marketing specialist about social media marketing.

PBHS is a full-service marketing agency for the dental and medical communities and the only endorsed marketing services provider for ADA members.

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