Dr. Mata Periodontist Website and SEO StrategyFor specialists like Periodontist Dr. James Mata, new patients aren’t acquired solely through referrals anymore. Instead, internet marketing has opened up a world of new possibilities when it comes to attracting and converting new patients. A recent article in ADA News featured PBHS client Dr. Mata, who purchased a practice website several years ago and later added SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to his marketing services with PBHS.

Starting Out with Online Marketing

Dr. Mata has been with PBHS since the beginning of his online marketing journey, starting with a custom website that included periodontal-specific content. Dr. Mata appreciates that while PBHS websites are vertically driven for the dental specialty, they are highly customizable in terms of design, content and branding. This gives clients the ability to stand out from the crowd, showing off a little bit of their practice personality through design elements.

Increasing New Patients

After several years of successful online presence, Dr. Mata made the choice to broaden his strategy from a traditional educational website, geared toward patients who searched for him directly, to capture the interest of new patients. He accomplished this with an SEO campaign, and quickly saw the benefits by focusing heavily on the promotion of a single procedure, the Pinhole Surgical Technique™, that he knew was gaining popularity and demand in the community.

Getting Found Organically

SEO has worked very well for Dr. Mata, with his results consistently increasing. In a year-over-year snapshot, PBHS helped Dr. Mata experience a 60 percent spike in organic traffic and a conversion rate over 240%. He ranked No. 1 for the key words “dental implants” and  “pinhole technique” for his target markets. Many of Dr. Mata’s new patients are coming to him without referrals, reporting that they found out about his practice online during the initial research phase – a true measure of the effectiveness of SEO.

For more details on Dr. Mata’s online marketing journey, please visit the full article at ADA News.

As the ADA Business Resources Endorsed Provider for website design and marketing, PBHS takes the guesswork out of marketing for those in the dental and dental specialty communities. Find out what our SEO specialists can do for you by calling (800) 840-5383.

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