Outlook Plugin for HIPAA Compliant SecureMail

A recent publication of ADA News Business Resources highlights the much-anticipated release of an encrypted HIPAA compliant email solution from PBHS. With the SecureMail plugin, Microsoft® Outlook users can now send and receive patient information safely via their email program without violating HIPAA.

Up until now, electronic sharing of sensitive documents, images and x-rays has been limited to website interfaces. With PBHS’ Outlook plugin, however, practices can now share sensitive documents from any source, including practice software, right from the Outlook email program.

Practices can now share sensitive documents right from the Outlook email program.

A Simple HIPAA Solution
With a simple download, Outlook users can add instant functionality to their email program that will save the practice time and reduce risk.

Benefits include:

  • Email Functionality: No more logging in and out of websites to send patient documents and x-rays – the plugin operates right within Microsoft® Outlook itself.
  • Practice Software Integration: Share from your practice software with the click of a button. The data will automatically be passed through the plugin for encryption.
  • Affordability: $3 per month for the plugin, $10 per month for a compatible SecureMail account.**
  • No storage limits, and you can send files up to 100 MB.
  • Anyone can join!

Would you pay $3 a month for peace of mind?
Finally, there is a HIPAA-compliant email solution to help your dental practice grow safely, without costing you time or excessive money. With a simple download from the MyPBHS® portal, you are ready to use your Outlook account to send encrypted emails, x-rays and other attachments.*

PBHS is the ADA Business Resources Endorsed Provider for website design and marketing. We work closely with the ADA to help our clients understand the importance of practice marketing and to give them the tools needed for growth.

*Note: Currently available for desktop PC (Windows) use only with Outlook 2010, 2013, and 2016.
**Pricing subject to change.

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