Have you ever wondered: What does Google think about hiring an SEO provider? As it turns out, according to the Google My Business Help guide Working with third-parties, Google thinks it’s a great solution for busy business managers like you, provided that you follow a few guidelines.

Working with Third Party SEO ProvidersWhen Working with Third Party SEO Providers, Google makes it clear:


  • Look for Experience: Find out if they have managed SEO for businesses in your market before. PBHS specializes in SEO for dental, medical and specialists.
  • Learn About Google My Business: Understanding how Google My Business works will help you choose and assess third parties more effectively. PBHS encourages client education and participation – we want you to understand SEO like we do!
  • One at a Time: Only work with one SEO consultant at a time. This is the most effective way to assess skill levels. (Doubling up will only cause confusion when collecting performance data.)
  • Check in Regularly: Dedicate time periodically to check in on your SEO progress to make sure you are staying ahead of the pack. PBHS sends regular reports to all SEO clients and makes available to them a variety of analytics all in one dashboard. Our account managers are also available to discuss your campaign with you.

DON’T Work with Consultants who:

  • Guarantee Placement on Google: Red Flag! No one can influence your position on Google Search or Maps. If a vendor guarantees placement, he or she is likely using malicious methods that may get you penalized.
  • Hide Specifics of your Analytics: SEO providers should be transparent, willing to share your statistics with you at any time.
  • Threaten to Remove Your Listing: No one can remove your business listing from Google without your permission.
  • Say they Work for Google: If someone contacts you saying they work for Google, insist that they email you from their @google.com account (not gmail) to confirm their employment at Google.
  • Have Hidden Fees and Pricing: Just as you would when working with any vendor, get a copy of your agreement with your SEO provider prior to working with them to avoid mischievous pricing.

PBHS Launch Local experts provide skilled, targeted SEO services to practices looking to streamline and maximize this crucial aspect of their digital marketing. Get started today by contacting us at (800) 840-5383 or filling out a consultation form.

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