Marketing takes time, so it’s no wonder that it often takes a backseat in today’s busy dental office. With a few simple steps online, practices can support and accelerate their traditional marketing efforts to ensure steady expansion for many years to come.PBHS client Dr. Donald Keith and his son, Bill In the December edition of ADA News, PBHS client Dr. Donald Keith and his son, Bill, discuss how they revitalized a waning online presence, resulting in an increase in business by 2-3 new patients per week.

Dental-Specific Sites

When Bill Keith took over business management of his dad’s practice three years ago, he quickly realized that one of the first things that needed attention was the website. Through patient tracking, he knew that their old, outdated website was no longer drawing new patients. Recognizing that he didn’t have time to write all of the content they would need or maintain and update the site regularly, Bill researched new website options and came across PBHS’ dental-specific, turn-key websites.

There is no question that our website and search engine optimization effort pays for itself. It probably pays for itself within the first few days each month. –Bill Keith

Making Marketing Work for You

A good business manager knows that marketing is the key to the future of any organization. A great business manager knows that any money spent on marketing should always result in growth. Bill discovered early on that 2-3 new patients per week find them directly through their new website and search results (Search Engine Optimization, also provided by PBHS).

Your Dental Website: Why does it matter?

  • Education: Dr. Keith and Bill understand that patients have a strong desire to educate themselves early on in the selection process. If your website doesn’t have the information they are looking for, they will go elsewhere to find it and, ultimately, you may lose that patient to competition.

All PBHS websites come with comprehensive, specialty-specific content that is editable by clients.

  • Personalized Content: Just as important as health information to the potential patient is personalized content such as doctor bios and staff photos. These personal touches allow you to build a relationship with future patients before even meeting them.
  • Social Media: Integrating your website with social media updates builds confidence with patients and boosts search rankings at the same time. Dr. Keith and Bill have left this task up to PBHS as well, with twice-weekly social media posts that are customized and branded to look like they are being posted by the practice.

We know that marketing is often the last thing on your mind. However, an outdated, neglected website can work against your business.

Get your marketing up to speed with a complimentary consultation with a PBHS dental marketing advisor at 800.840.5383.

PBHS is the internet marketing company endorsed by ADA Business Resources. We work closely with the ADA to help our clients understand the importance of practice marketing and to give them the tools they need to succeed.

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