In the latest edition of ADA NewsO G Family and General Dentistry Logo, PBHS client Dr. Anthony Nigro discusses his experience with online marketing, specifically how it has lead to revenue growth, a steady increase in new patients and, overall, “impressive returns” on his investment.

Over the past two years, Dr. Nigro’s marketing consultant, Lynne Nigro, has been working closely with PBHS to develop a brand identity campaign that is expertly aligned with today’s marketing demands.

The process started with a logo design and stationery, designed to convey the practice’s professionalism and high level of care to the community, with a hint of scenery added for local interest. Using the logo as a launching point, the practice was then able to further develop brand awareness, first with the creation of a website and then by adding SEO and social media services for a comprehensive marketing campaign.

The results have been very positive. In just a short time, all of the fundamental components have come together to produce substantial results. In the article, Ms. Nigro reports a rise in revenue year-over-year for the practice and an increase in new patients by 29%.

In addition to patient acquisition, online marketing strategies can also build upon a practice’s referral base and, in the case of social media, give prospective patients a “feel” for their personality.

While the significance of online marketing is not lost on today’s dental professional, many still feel intimidated by the process. PBHS takes the uncertainty out of online marketing by helping dental practices design, construct and ultimately expand brand recognition through a series of thoughtful marketing steps.

This featured case highlights a proven strategy that has made PBHS the leading provider of website design and online marketing services in the dental community. Effective practice marketing starts with the right logo, a responsive, user-friendly website, regular monitoring of search performance and engagement on social media platforms.

PBHS is the internet marketing company endorsed by ADA Business Resources. We work closely with the ADA to help our clients understand the importance of practice marketing and to give them the tools they need to succeed.

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