In the latest issue of ADA New Dentist News, PBHS client Dr. Ash Vasanthan offers important advice for other dental professionals who are just getting started with the building or re-building of their brand.

Dr.-Ash-Vasanthan-267x300Over the last year, Dr. Vasanthan has worked closely with PBHS professionals in several of its departments, including graphic and website design, to build a brand that he is proud of.

From carefully choosing a marketing firm that can help your practice grow to developing a good working relationship with that firm, Dr. Vasanthan covers the most important aspects of brand development that dental health professionals must consider to remain relevant in today’s digital world.

Highlights from the interview include:

  • The importance of integrating your brand across the board to get your logo noticed by potential patients! Everything from your stationery to your website and even your coffee mugs can be effective vehicles for your brand.
  • Special budgeting concerns and solutions for newly graduated dentists.
  • Why it’s essential to have your website ready to go when starting up a new practice.
  • Incorporating technology that will help make your patients’ lives easier (like online registration forms) in your website design.
  • Staying involved and being a part of the process, through the whole process.

The full article can be read here on page 3:

At PBHS, we work with the ADA to keep our clients up-to-date in terms of technological advancements for the modern dental practice. Visit or call 800-840-5383 for more information on PBHS dental marketing services.

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