In the latest issue of ADA New Dentist News, PBHS client Dr. Ricky Farmer illustrates how dental marketing has changed over the years. While Dr. Farmer still uses traditional marketing efforts such as newspapers and community events to target his potential patient base, those methods make up just 20% of his overall marketing strategy.

Farmer 2The days when a dental practice could limit their advertising structure to phonebooks and billboards are gone. Dr. Farmer points out that patients now “expect immediate results and answers,” a benefit not afforded by print media sources.

Accordingly, Dr. Farmer, like many other successful dental practices, now relies heavily on an online presence to get the word out about his practice, brand and services. A longtime PBHS client, Dr. Farmer updates his website regularly and maintains an active voice on social media to connect with both current and potential patients.

Get the details on how Dr. Farmer, with the help of PBHS dental marketing services, makes online marketing work for his practice!  The full article can be accessed in October’s ADA New Dentist News.

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