We are excited to announce that this month, ADA News interviewed one of our PBHS dental marketing clients, Dr. Ricky Farmer of Somerset, KY. Dr. Farmer, who specializes in cosmetic and general family dentistry, describes why ‘Every dentist should have an Internet presence’.

Dr. FarmerDr. Farmer has been in practice for 11 years, and has witnessed firsthand the many changes that technology has brought to the world of small business advertising.  Dentists, dental specialists and other small business owners have come to realize over the past decade that managing a brand online is not only essential, it is also a bit more complex than it was during the days of Yellow Pages ads.

PBHS takes the guesswork out of modern online marketing, allowing clients to do the work that is truly important to them and their patients.  Dr. Farmer states “I have the luxury of practicing the art of dentistry while the experts are doing outstanding work on our social media platform.”  In addition, an important benefit of online marketing is the integrated monitoring of Return on Investment (ROI).  For example, a paid advertisement on the Internet comes with the tracking and measurement of leads and conversions, a benefit not necessarily afforded by traditional marketing formats.

And an online business presence doesn’t just mean furthering brand identification.  Dr. Farmer points out that a modern Internet presence has allowed his practice to educate patients in a much more efficient manner than ever before, which is a top priority.

PBHS continues to work with the American Dental Association, helping our clients keep up with the latest advancements in technology as it relates to the world of dentistry.

To read the full article with Dr. Farmer visit:  http://www.ada.org/en/publications/ada-news/2014-archive/august-2014/qanda_every-dentist-should-have-an-internet-presence

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