ADA Shines Light On PBHS’ Dental Website Design

PBHS continues to work closely with the American Dental Association. In fact, just this past month the ADA published an article about PBHS in their February edition of the ADA news. The article featured our Five Keys to Effective Dental Website Design, alongside a wonderful recommendation from the ADA  and a feature interview with one of our clients. Check out the article below:


February 3, 2014

Website Design Key to Dental Practice Growth

PBHS can help dentists market their offices to patients

Note to reader: This is the first in a series of articles about internet marketing for dental practices. Remember when all dentists had to do to market their practices was put a listing in the yellow pages? In today’s world it’s critical to create a brand and manage a reputation on the Internet. This series of articles will feature interviews with several ADA members and clarify how they are addressing the marketing challenges dentists are facing today with the help of PBHS, the website and marketing services provider endorsed by ADA Business Resources.

Dental practitioners are realizing that in today’s world, owning and managing a successful dental practice means more than just providing a quality service. Dentists are now faced with the challenge of finding time and resources to create an online presence, connect and communicate with existing and new patients, and manage their online reputation. The first step in this process is building an effective website. The question many dentists ask is, “Whose website stands out? Or, which website is the most effective?” The keys to unlocking successful dental website design may take effort, but the return is well worth it.

Dr. John Bauer

Dr. John Bauer

For Dr. John Bauer of Mansfield, Texas, building a website for his growing dental practice was a no-brainer. Dr. Bauer has practiced in Mansfield for 34 years, and his relationship with the internet marketing experts at PBHS began over 10 years ago. Dr. Bauer recalls, “At the time, PBHS provided the most professional looking websites for dentists. Over the years we’ve expanded our website and it has evolved with our practice; the staff keeps our site updated and they recently set up a Facebook account for us. To this day we still receive compliments about our website, primarily how easy it is to navigate and the quality of information it provides.”

Dr. Bauer believes that an effective website is critical for the continued growth of the dental practice. “If you don’t have new patients, you don’t have growth. New patient growth is absolutely critical. Most patients will want to check out your website before calling you for an appointment. We see 95 to 100 new patients a month, and our internet presence is a major part of our growth strategy. My philosophy is to try and have everything that we need to make it easy to communicate with our office, and that means having a website that is simple to navigate. We have peace of mind knowing that new patients are seeing a clear reflection of who we are and what our practice offers.”

Customer service is a critical part of any marketing service. “I may be old school,” Dr. Bauer jokes, “But I like a human to answer the phone. The folks at PBHS are so easy to get a hold of, and they keep in close touch. They provide metrics on everything so we know where we stand, and if we have an idea on something we’d like to do, they are on top of it.”

Dr. Bauer continues, “PBHS has done everything for us, and they are not over-priced. If you look at how many new patients I’m seeing, I should probably be paying PBHS more, but don’t tell them that!”

Since 1977, PBHS has provided practice marketing services to the dental community and is now the proven leader in practice branding, web site design and online search engine marketing. The company’s custom designed websites enable dentists to build a beautiful website in only a few minutes of time-at a fraction of the cost you would expect. These websites include simple and powerful editing tools as well as highly detailed, educational content making them the fastest, easiest solution for the dental community.

To read the full article on the ADA News visit: Website Design Key to Dental Practice Growth.

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