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Responsive Medical and Dental Website Design

One of the most recent buzzwords within the development world is “responsive website design”. You may be wondering what makes a website responsive and why it is important. The driving force behind the responsive design movement is the rapid rise and adaptation of mobile devices. PBHS is committed to staying up to date with current trends.

Root Canal Awareness Week

The American Association of Endodontics is proud to sponsor the seventh annual Root Canal Awareness Week, March 17th-23rd! Root Canal Awareness Week is meant to banish fears and concerns surrounding root canals. According to AAE President Dr. James C. Kulild, “With today’s advanced technologies, root canals are no more painful than getting a filling – […]

PBHS TruForm: Online Patient Registration That Saves You Time & Money

Learn how TruForm can save your staff over 12 hours of data entry each week in our educational video! TruForm helps doctors increase productivity with easy-to-use software that quickly plugs into your website. New patients can use it online anywhere, anytime. TruForm helps you design user-friendly forms, provides a secure solution and integrates with many […]