PBHS is once again honored by the kind words of a client. Thank you, Dr. Mora and Catherine, for making our jobs so enjoyable!

Dear Jay,

Thank you for introducing your company to my wife and office manager,

Catherine.  She screened a lot of website companies and chose your

company for many positive reasons.  You weren’t persistent and annoying

with sales calls and answered her inquiring questions thoroughly and with

immediate “semi-custom” samples to give her an idea as to what your

company was capable of doing for my practice.  Seeing the technological

capabilities that your company had to offer first hand left a lasting

impression on Catherine.  She’s stated countless times that your company

stood apart from the competition in design and additional service

offerings that were sent via internet and mail courier.  She’s not an

easy one to please!

You allowed Catherine to take the time she needed to get comfortable

going live with the website.  She’s not internet “savvy”, but Kelli

Pulido worked with her and kept her informed and continued to give her

positive encouragement to tackle the website.  It was a daunting task for

Catherine.  In the end Catherine stated that it was no big deal and that

Kelli made it painless and easy.  Catherine’s still perplexed as to why

she hesitated so long in going live.   Kelli is a tremendous asset to

your company.  It’s a “no brainer” with your PBHS!

Thank you for the awesome finished product.  We’ve had an excellent

initial response to the website.  I look forward to continuing to do

business with your company with the additional services that PBHS has to


Most respectfully,


Below is a shot of Dr. Mora’s finished website:

Shot of Dr. Mora's dental website, designed by PBHS

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