PBHS Collaborator™ is an online messaging system that enables HIPAA compliant, documented communications regarding patient requisite data and image files, available immediately from your website. With Collaborator™, your pre and post-operative communication is streamlined, allowing referring doctors, dental labs, treatment coordinators and staff members to effectively review the current stage of treatment and determine the next appropriate course of action.

The result is tremendously enhanced inter-office communication and patient care efficiencies.

Updated Features

Since PBHS is nearing completion of the newest version of Collaborator™ – v3.0, we thought we’d give you a little “teaser”…

Login Screen:


Login… and it looks a little different, right?

home screen

Patient Files will have a more chart-like, tabular interface for easier navigation:
A sidebar feature will highlight Recent Referrals” with icons which enable you to visually identify the type of referral:

new referrals

We are looking forward to Collaborator 3.0’s launch date which is expected to be early in the new year. Call us at 1 (800) 840-5383 for more information.

*For all current Collaborator™ users, the updated user interface will be available upon release.

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