Congratulations, you are on your way to owning your own Custom PBHS website. First you will be sent a general questionnaire requesting information about your practice and your ideas and visions for the design of your website. After you send back the questionnaire, you can be assigned a designer. You will then be sent 3 documents:

• A Site Map
• A Content Guideline
• Biography Templates

While unique content is the best option for your site, it can be a daunting task. We have found that most of our clients don’t have the time to write completely original content on the educational aspects of health issues they address, treatment options and explanations, financial policies, insurance information, etc. Our solution is to provide you with professionally written, peer-reviewed content that can be customized to accommodate your practice.

There are two ways to do this, either by granting you access to a Semi Custom Site or the content in Word document format.

We will happily set up a Semi Custom site for you while your Custom site is under development. Not only will this establish an immediate web presence, but also allow you to edit the content of the site in a website format. You will not have to worry about trying to visualize the site map and format of the pages- it will already be laid out for you. You will simply log in to edit the site and navigate to the page you with to modify.

Your other option is to have the content emailed to you in a Word document. You will then save each of the documents attached to the email for editing. Edits can be made directly to the Word documents. When you are finished, you will simply email the documents to your account manager so they may be implemented into your custom website.

Tips on Editing your Content:

• If editing with the emailed documents, start with the Site Map. This will give you an overview of what topics you will be reviewing. Here you can add or remove procedures according to which are performed in your office. You can rename any of the Topics. You will also want to add the names of the doctors and the locations of multiple offices (if applicable).

• When editing the Word document, make changes directly in the text. There is no need to highlight or track your changes. We will be taking the content directly from these documents to put on your site.

• Do you want to cover a topic or procedure that is not included in the guideline? Ask your account manager if we have content on it! If we do, your account manager will be happy to send it to you. If we don’t, they will give you examples of other site’s that cover the subject to help you write your own content.

• The Biography templates do not have to be used. They are merely given as a courtesy of PBHS because we know how difficult it can be to get a biography started. If you can write your own, by all means do!

• A simple way to manage your content documents is to save them directly to your computer’s desktop. This will eliminate any confusion when trying to locate them to edit or send back to PBHS.

To submit your modified content, attach the documents to an email back to your account manager. If you have any questions during the development phase, your Account Manager at PBHS will be able to answer them for you!

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