What is ADA TV and How does it Work?

The Newest Generation of Waiting Room Technology

ADA TV is a an app that transforms your HDTV or Display into a complete Internet video streaming system.

ADA TV provides engaging visuals and true-life patient testimonials, which build excitement and interest in all dental procedures. This high-powered presentation system for your waiting room is customized with the ADA Toothflix® patient education video series, tutorials, news updates, entertainment, testimonials and integrated posts from your social media channels. ADA TV showcases your patient’s satisfaction and highlights the experience of your doctors and staff.

It’s easy to get started!

1. Sign Up

Call to order your new ADA TV Today at Santa Rosa Office Phone Number 800.840.5383.

2. Select Your Content

Content is customized by procedure, digital signage, videos, patient testimonials, social media and news feed tickers. We help you.

3. Plug In. Play.

Download the app to your smart TV, sign in, and play! If you don’t have a smart TV you can also get the app through a Fire TV stick from Amazon.

Stream Your Own Custom Videos

You may already have invested time and money in custom video production that may only be accessible on your website. Why limit your audience? The ADA TV enables you to stream any videos produced by either PBHS or a third party directly into your waiting room. Videos such as a practice overview, office tour, doctor introductions and even patient testimonials will help generate interest in procedures and confidence in your practice. PBHS Launch Video services are also available if you are interested in having custom videos produced for your practice.

Are you ready for ADA TV?

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