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What Potential Patients are Looking for in a Dental Website

What Potential Patients are Looking for in a Dental Website How you can improve your website to help with your patient’s experiences If the primary purpose of your dental website is to attract prospects and convert them into appointments, you’ve got to know what those potential patients are looking for. What captivates and engages? What […]

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PBHS Launches ADA TV Consult Mode: Mobile Chairside Patient Education

Santa Rosa, CA, January 27, 2020 – PBHS, Inc. announced the launch of its ADA TV Consult Mode, enabling providers to easily demonstrate 3D procedural animations, videos and tutorials chairside via tablets, iPads, and other hand-held devices. Consult Mode is seamlessly integrated with the ADA Member Advantage Endorsed ADA TV service and is a free […]

The Easiest Way to Ask for Reviews

The Easiest Way to Ask for Reviews   Soliciting reviews can at times feel like herding cats. You know your patients are busy and just want to be cared for. Before they even leave your office, they’re already on their phones, messaging their friends and coordinating the remainder of their days’ activities.   But the value of […]

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Trends That Will Affect Dental Marketing in 2020

The Marketing Trends Your Medical Practice Needs in 2020 Just as dental professionals are constantly evolving with the changes of the industry, digital marketers must keep up with changing algorithms, shifting user behaviors, and new platforms. Wondering what will give your dental practice an edge in the year ahead?  How to stay current, relevant, and […]

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Pinterest Tips for Your Dental Practice

How to Utilize Pinterest for Your Dental Practice When social media platforms are presented as excellent marketing tools for dental practices, Pinterest isn’t often at the top of the list. In fact, you may be, right now, considering breezing right past this blog. Don’t do it. Pinterest’s user-base has nearly doubled in the last two […]

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5 NEW Facebook Tips & Tricks for Dental Practices

5 NEW Facebook Tips & Tricks for Dental Practices Did you know that 7 out of 10 Americans have a Facebook account and three quarters of them check it daily? That means over half the people in your area could potentially see your practice’s Facebook posts every single day. Use our latest Facebook tips and […]

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Top 10 SEO FAQs

Top 10 SEO FAQs   How important is SEO, really? Why isn’t my practice ranking at number one? What if I already have plenty of referrals? Do I still need SEO? Questions abound when it comes to SEO, and with 97% of consumers looking for practices online, the demand for strategy and know-how is high. […]

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How to Maintain HIPAA Compliance While Promoting Your Practice on Social Media

How to Maintain HIPAA Compliance on Social Media Do we need permission from dental patient’s to post their photos online? Did you know there’s a photo app that helps doctors and dentists maintain HIPAA compliance? That’s right. When you want to share office and patient photos on social media, the mobile application, Studio, is conveniently […]

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How to Make Your Dental Website a New Patient Lead Machine

Make Your Site Create New Patients How can your dental website create new patients for you? If you haven’t heard about Google’s latest advancement in massively improving the way in which search understands queries, it’s something you don’t want to miss. The launch of BERT, the new algorithm update, is a breakthrough in language processing […]

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Best Practices as Facebook Removes Verification Badges

If you’ve verified your Facebook Page, you may have noticed the alert Facebook has issued regarding verification badges. Facebook introduced verification badges in 2015 to show which Pages for business are authentic. Facebook has found that badges “can be more confusing than helpful,” and they have decided to remove them October 29th. Without verification badges, […]

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