HIPAA Compliant

Achieve and maintain compliance within the minefield of data privacy requirements. PBHS Secure Mail is a mature solution for HIPAA compliant, encrypted messaging.

No Software
To Install

Compliancy made easy!
There is no software to install, configure or maintain.
PBHS Secure Mail works on
any device, from any location.

ADA Members
Are Pre-Registered

Account initiation is
as simple as logging in with your ADA Membership ID.

Multi Doctor

It’s simple to share.
Documents, Panorex, CT Scans, and Messages are organized and available to all colleagues working on a case.

Watch this video for an overview
of the SecureMail Inbox

Researched. Proven. Endorsed. ADA Business Resources
Also Endorsed By:
Alaska Dental Society, Delaware State Dental Society, Idaho State Dental Association, Indiana Dental Association, Maine Dental Association, Maryland State Dental Association, Missouri Dental Association, Montana Dental Association, Nebraska Dental Association, Nevada Dental Association, New Mexico Dental Association, North Carolina Dental Society, Tennessee Dental Association, Vermont State Dental Society, West Virginia Dental Association, Wyoming Dental Association.

What they’re saying about SecureMail


“Our office saves thousands of hours a year by streamlining communications via PBHS. Not to mention all of our communications are secure. We are eliminating liability not only for our practice, but for our colleagues as well. Over half of the practices I work with interact with SecureMail on a weekly basis!”

-A.A., Walnut Creek, CA

Spend Less, Save More

With no setup fees for ADA members,
PBHS SecureMail is only $10/month per office account.