PBHS Demographic Marketing

Demographic Marketing

Your local community will respond enthusiastically when you reach out to them with a PBHS designed marketing campaign. PBHS demographic marketing appeals to emotional triggers — building interest through true-life accounts of struggle, real testimonials, engaging headlines and winning visuals.

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Media  Advertising

A well-planned campaign can jump-start a new office. Open new marketing areas. Energize patient demand. And create excitement for a premium service or product. In fact, it is the single fastest way to inspire a flurry of new patients calling your office and initiate a thriving and prosperous practice. By seamlessly integrating your identity, website, marketing and advertising, PBHS can achieve cost efficiencies and ensure that your practice projects a unified brand image and presence. We work directly with your local newspapers, TV and radio stations to contain production costs, maximize value and minimize expense.

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PBHS TV and Radio Advertising